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NTN Showcase

You can see NTN products at the following exhibition halls.
There is no charge.

Photo: OSTEC Exhibition Hall(Osaka Prefecture)
OSTEC Exhibition Hall(Osaka Prefecture)

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The theme of the exhibition is "Hidden supertechnology - from your town to outer space, bearings play a big role everywhere." It educates about bearings in an easy-to-understand manner using dioramas, illustrations, video and displays. Bearings of the type used on the asteroid probe Hayabusa are among the items on display. In addition, examples of green energy (power from the wind, water and sun) applications are explained using miniature models and video.
Photo: Auto Parts Center(Tokyo)
Auto Parts Center(Tokyo)

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NTN's automotive products are displayed by part type in an easy-to-understand manner. In the panels, there is information on NTN products for electric vehicles.
Photo: Japan Fine Ceramics Center (Nagoya)
Japan Fine Ceramics Center (Nagoya)

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Various ceramic bearings, hybrid bearings, insulated bearings, balls and catalogs of those products are on display.