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Risk Management Policy

NTN Corporation hereby establishes the basic policy of NTN group to precisely manage the risk prevention and to quickly respond at the outbreak of various risks (i.e., the events that may prevent the accomplishment of business purpose and the operation of business) surrounding the business of NTN group.

  1. We shall make an effort to eliminate or reduce the various risks to the stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors and local communities, and executives and employees.
  2. We shall maintain the risk management system for prompt and proper measures against the risks and implement the company-wide and general risk management.
  3. We shall implement the risk findings, risk analysis, risk assessment and risk measures according to the risk management plan and take proper preventive measures.
  4. In the case of risk arising (emergency), we shall keep to minimize the damage expansion by initial risk countermeasures including the proper information transfer to inside and outside the Company.
  5. We shall make an effort to keep and develop the stable business by monitoring the proper structure and implementation of the risk management on a daily basis.