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Management Policy

In December 2019, we established a Management Policy of the NTN Group. This represents the NTN Group's management philosophy and stance, and is based on the Founders' Spirit consisting of the “Frontier Spirit” and “Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit” and on our corporate philosophy that incorporates these spirits. In addition, the NTN Group has clearly stated its stance towards all stakeholders involved in the NTN Group. By steadily implementing initiatives based on the above, we aim to realize a “NAMERAKA Society.”

Management Policy

NTN Group aims to realize a “NAMERAKA Society*” through practicing its corporate philosophy. As a company that is trusted and needed by communities including stakeholders, we engage in business activities with an emphasis on respect of human rights and compliance.

* A NAMERAKA Society : A society where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.

Stance to Stakeholders


Employees NTN Group respects diversity, individuality and a safe and healthy workplace environment where employees can work successfully.


Customers NTN Group seeks to maximize customer satisfaction and trust by providing products and services of superior quality, safety and reliability.

Business partners

Business partners NTN Group, in a fair and free environment, builds good partnerships with its business partners and works together for mutual growth and development.

Local communities

Local communities NTN Group respects cultures and customs in the local communities and builds long-term trust relationships by meeting their expectations through its business activities.


Shareholders NTN Group focuses on return for shareholders by sustainable profitable growth and builds long-term trust relationships with shareholders through active communications.


Environment NTN Group harmonizes its business activities with nature and contributes to preserve the global environment by providing its technologies, products and services.