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NTN Basic Policy

NTN Basic Policy consists of “Management Policy” and “Individual Policies.”

Management Policy
Individual Policies

Management Policy

In December 2019, we established a Management Policy of the NTN Group. This represents the NTN Group's management philosophy and stance, and is based on the Founders' Spirit consisting of the “Frontier Spirit” and “Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit” and on our corporate philosophy that incorporates these spirits. In addition, the NTN Group has clearly stated its stance towards all stakeholders involved in the NTN Group. By steadily implementing initiatives based on the above, we aim to realize a “NAMERAKA Society.”

Management Policy

NTN Group aims to realize a “NAMERAKA Society*” through practicing its corporate philosophy. As a company that is trusted and needed by communities including stakeholders, we engage in business activities with an emphasis on respect of human rights and compliance.

* A NAMERAKA Society : A society where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.

Stance to Stakeholders


Employees NTN Group respects diversity, individuality and a safe and healthy workplace environment where employees can work successfully.


Customers NTN Group seeks to maximize customer satisfaction and trust by providing products and services of superior quality, safety and reliability.

Business partners

Business partners NTN Group, in a fair and free environment, builds good partnerships with its business partners and works together for mutual growth and development.

Local communities

Local communities NTN Group respects cultures and customs in the local communities and builds long-term trust relationships by meeting their expectations through its business activities.


Shareholders NTN Group focuses on return for shareholders by sustainable profitable growth and builds long-term trust relationships with shareholders through active communications.


Environment NTN Group harmonizes its business activities with nature and contributes to preserve the global environment by providing its technologies, products and services.

Individual Policies

NTN Group conducts business activities based on “Individual Policies” which consist of Basic Policy prescribed by law and rule as well as Original Basic Policy as below.

CSR Policy

1. Legal compliance / Policy for activities

We shall comply with laws and regulations, endeavor to engage in fair competition, and carry out our business activities in an honest and ethical manner.

2. Customers

We shall strive to develop new technologies and new products, as well as to provide safe and reliable products.

3. Business partners

We shall engage in fair and free competition, and at the same time establish excellent partnerships with our business partners.

4. Stockholders / Disclosure of information

We shall work to develop this corporation and increase stockholder return, while at the same time communicating broadly with society and actively disclosing information.

5. Employees

We shall value the individuality and diversity of our employees, work to create a safe and pleasant work place, and achieve comfort and prosperity.

6. The environment

With ample consideration to preserving the global environment and protecting the ecosystem, we shall work toward the creation of a sustainable, progressing society.

7. Society

We shall make every effort to interact meaningfully with society on a local level, and to engage in activities that contribute to society.

8. International activities

We shall, as a matter of course, obey all international rules as well as the laws of each country and each region that we operate in; we shall also respect local cultures and practices and contribute to local development.

Environment Policy

Environment Policy

Maintaining harmony with the global environment is our most important challenge. The NTN Group has identified pollution control and preservation of our natural capital as priorities of our business operations. Furthermore, we remain committed to developing technologies that contribute to the emergence of a sustainable society in harmony with nature.

1. Developing technology that contributes to prevention of global warming

By developing technologies and innovative products that contribute to energy efficiency and alternative energy generation worldwide, the NTN Group will contribute to the prevention of global warming.

2. Observance of laws and regulations

The NTN Group will observe all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and ordinances. Moreover, we will proactively take steps to comply with requests from our customers, local communities, and other stakeholders.

3. Reducing the environmental impacts of our business operations

The NTN Group remains dedicated to minimizing the environmental impacts of our emissions of CO2 and restricted substances across all our business operations. We will endeavor to identify and reduce our environmental impacts in both the upstream and downstream (from supplier to customer) branches of our supply chain.

4. Utilizing resources sustainably

The NTN Group will strive to reduce waste as well as our inputs of water, raw materials, and other resources by remaining focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling.

5. Stringently controlling environmentally harmful substances

The NTN Group will practice green procurement and conduct stringent management of any environmentally harmful substances used in our products and processes. We remain focused on adopting benign substitutes for any highly harmful chemical substances we use in our operations.

6. Conserving biodiversity

In cooperation with local communities, the NTN Group will proactivity implement forest preservation, biodiversity conservation, and other environmental protection initiatives.

7. Maintaining open communication

In implementing this Environmental Policy, the NTN Group will seek to improve the environmental awareness of all our employees. In addition, we will widely disseminate information on our environmental initiatives and actively promote open communication with the general public.

8. Continuously improving our Environmental Management System

The NTN Group will implement and continuously improve our Environmental Management System in order to enhance our environmental performance.

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

The NTN Group will continue to respect human rights. NTN supports the creation of an international society that respects human rights through creating new products and technologies.

1. Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

(1)Basic Principles

The NTN Group follows basic principles to fulfill its corporate responsibility with respect to human rights:
  • NTN will respect internationally-recognized human rights
  • NTN will not violate the human rights of others
  • NTN will respond appropriately to any negative impacts its business activities may have on human rights.

(2)Respect the principles of internationally-recognized human rights

The NTN Group is guided by the principles of the International Bill of Human Rights of the United Nations (consisting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights), Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organization, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In addition, NTN declares its support for the global initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, and we promote the international initiative.
The NTN Group complies with the local laws and regulations of all countries and regions where NTN conducts business. Where there is any conflict between internationally-recognized human rights and the local legal requirements, the NTN Group will pursue ways to respect internationally-recognized human rights.

(3)Avoid complicity in human rights abuses / Safe and comfortable working environment

The NTN Group will not discriminate based on race, ethnic group, nationality, skin color, creed, religion, disability, social status, birth, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, health condition, political opinion, or employment status. The NTN Group will not harass in forms such as sexual harassment or power harassment. The NTN Group does not use forced labor or child labor. In addition, the NTN Group respects its employees’ freedom of association, the right to organize and the right to collective bargaining. The NTN Group complies with labor-related laws and regulations including (but not limited to) working hours, remuneration, occupational safety and health, and aims to realize the working environment where all of its employees can work safely and comfortably.

2. Positioning of this Policy

The NTN Group recognizes that respecting human rights is imperative in conducting its business activities. NTN believes that every employee can contribute to creating the environment where human rights are respected through an awareness of the “Corporate Philosophy Code of Conduct” -- NTN Spirit. This NTN Group Human Rights Policy (“this Policy”) is based on the NTN Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and clarifies NTN’s responsibility to respect human rights.

3. Applicability and Scope

This Policy applies to all officers and employees of all companies belonging to the NTN Group. Furthermore, NTN continuously encourages its suppliers to respect human rights, and NTN exercises appropriate influence on suppliers that do not appear to respect human rights.

4. Carrying out Our Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

(1)Human rights due diligence

The NTN Group will develop and implement on going “Human rights due diligence”. “Human rights due diligence” will include, but not limited to, following process;
  • To identify, prevent and mitigate negative effects on human rights,
  • To conduct actions to evaluate potential and actual effects on human rights,
  • To respond to identified risks (including incorporation to our business processes), and
  • To evaluate the results of NTN’s actions.
If the NTN Group discovers its actions have negative effects on human rights directly or indirectly, NTN provides internal and external remedial processes.

(2)Appropriate training

The NTN Group provides appropriate training for its officers and employees to be able to understand “Human rights due diligence”, to incorporate this Policy into all business activities conducted by NTN.

(3)Dialogues with outside stakeholders

In addition, the NTN Group enters dialogues with outside stakeholders about the measures to deal with potential and actual impact on human rights.

Safety and Health Basic Policy

Safety and Health Basic Policy

Securing the safety and health of everyone working in the NTN corporate group is the most important value giving priority to everything as the foundation of management. Based on this basic stance, we aim to create a work environment where everyone of us can work safely and healthily and perform an active role.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

In addition to safety and health related laws and regulations, we comply with our internal voluntary standards based on organization rules, lessons from prior incidents, and we strive to form a safe and comfortable workplace.

2. Promotion of continuous improvement through the operation of occupational safety and health management system

We will operate the safety and health management system reliably and efficiently and strive to continuously improve the level of safety and health performance.

3. Elimination and reduction of hazardous / harmful risks

We continuously conduct risk assessments of facilities and working environments to identify and reduce explicit and potential safety hazards.

4. Promotion of employee education and training

We strive to develop highly safety awareness with our employees through ongoing education and training.

5. Maintain and promote mental and physical health

Maintain and promote mental and physical health by good communication and ensuring a comfortable working environment.

6. Create safety culture

We promote a culture in which all employees are engaged to achieve a goal of “zero occupational accidents” and “zero occupational diseases” within NTN.

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

NTN Group promotes procurement activities focusing on “fairness/impartiality,” “compliance with laws and regulations,” “green procurement,” and “coexistence and co-prosperity” in supply chain management based on our corporate philosophy, “We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products.”

1. Fairness / impartiality

We pursue open procurement, both domestically and internationally, and conduct fair and impartial transactions based on quality, price, delivery time, business conditions, and corporate stance.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In conducting transactions, we comply with domestic and international laws and social norms, and promote procurement that gives due consideration to respect for human rights, the safety of workers, and the protection of confidential information.

3. Green Procurement

We promote procurement from business partners that comply with environmental laws and regulations and are committed to environmental conservation, thereby giving consideration to reduction of the environmental impact.

4. Coexistence and Co-prosperity

We deepen mutual understanding with our business partners, build better partnerships based on trust, and aim for coexistence and co-prosperity.

The Basic Policy of Information Security

The Basic Policy of Information Security

As the NTN Group contributes to the international community through the creation of new technologies and the development of new products, it is essential to properly protect the information assets provided by our customers and business partners as well as the information assets of the NTN Group.

To ensure the safety of the NTN Group's information assets and to live up to the trust of society including stakeholders, we have established the following Basic Policy on Information Security.

1. Our efforts

The NTN Group recognizes that information security efforts are an important management issue, and we will protect all information assets related to its business activities from threats such as intrusion, leakage, tampering, loss or theft, destruction, and obstruction.

2. Protection and continuous management of information assets

To protect its information assets, the NTN Group will establish an information security management system. We shall take appropriate organizational, personnel, physical, and technical safety control measures, and shall make an effort for continuous improvement.

3. Incident response

In the event of an information security incident, the NTN Group shall promptly investigate the cause, minimize the damage, and prevent a recurrence.

4. Educating employees

The NTN Group will raise awareness of information security among directors and employees and provide them the information security training continuously.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

The NTN Group will comply with all laws, regulations, and contracts with other companies regarding information security.