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Corporate Philosophy and NTN SPIRIT

The Founders' Spirit that NTN has embraced since its founding in 1918 are the Frontier Spirit, which encourages us to keep challenging, and the Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit, which encourages us to develop together with society. The Founders' Spirits was incorporated into the corporate philosophy as NTN's DNA, and has been passed down to the employees for over 100 years.

In order to put the corporate philosophy into practice, NTN Group employees use the NTN SPIRIT, the mindset and actions they are to aim for, as a cornerstone of their own work.

By putting our corporate philosophy into practice, we aim to help solve global social issues through our technical expertise and services, and achieve a sustainable “NAMERAKA Society.”

Corporate Philosophy

We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products.

  1. 1Creation of original technologies.
  2. 2Offering the technologies for additional value and service that are suitable for each customer and end user.
  3. 3Improvement of employees' standard of living, distribution of fair returns to stockholders, and contribution to society based on the steady growth of our business.
  4. 4Promotion of globalization, and formation of management systems/corporate organization which are essential for NTN, as an international leading company.


  • Credos
  • Guidelines
  • Challenge

    Buds appear when we challenge with frontier spirit

    • We challenge passionately without being satisfied with the current situation.
    • We respond quickly to any changes, emphasizing on‐site verification.
    • We enrich our lives by thinking, acting with initiative and continuing to grow.
  • Collaboration

    Leaves grow through the spirit of collaboration with coexistence and co‐prosperity

    • We accept and respect differences in each other.
    • We help each other, treating all associates honestly.
    • We take care of the natural environment and maintain coexistence with local community.
  • Commitment

    Flowers bloom and fruits grow through fulfilling our commitments

    • We maximize the quality of work aiming for first-class quality under safety-first policy.
    • We intend to be the strongest partner delivering customer delight beyond satisfaction.
    • We support improving lives of people around the world through our work.

Corporate Philosophy System