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Established Seohan-NTN Bearing Co.,Ltd., a manufacture and sales for large sized wind turbines, jointly with Seohan in Korea.
Established NTN driveshaft do Brasil for the manufacture and sales of constant velocity joints in Brazil.
The NTA Precision Axle Corporation was established in the U.S. as a manufacturer and sales company for forging, turning and heat treatment of parts.
The NTN Noto Corporation was established in Ishikawa prefecture as a manufacturer and sales company of bearings for industrial machinery.


The sales company PT.NTN BEARING INDONESIA was established in Indonesia.
The NTN-LYC (Luoyang) Bearing Corporation was established in China in a joint venture with the Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and sales company of hub bearings and needle bearings.
Construction of the NTN China Technical Center in China was completed.
Nippon Kagaku Yakin Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of NTN Corporation.
Established NANJING NTN CORPORATION in China for the production of industrial machinery bearings.
The sales company NTN-Dongpai (Shanghai) Bearing Sales Co., Ltd. was established in China.
The sales company NTN BEARING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was established in India.


NTPT Company Limited was established in Thailand in a joint venture with Takao Kogyo as a manufacture and sales of forging and turning parts.


Established the designated logistics company NTN LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. in Kuwana.
Established NTN MANUFACTURING DE MEXICO, S.A.DE C.V. in Mexico for the manufacture and sales of hub bearings and constant velocity joints.


Established Xiangyang NTN-Yulon Drivetrain Co., Ltd. in China for the manufacture and sales of constant velocity joints.


Established NTN DRIVESHAFT ANDERSON, INC. in the U.S.A. as a center for the manufacture of drive shafts for automotive use.

The company name was changed to NTN Advanced Materials Corporation following the merger of NTN Powder Metal Corporation and Nippon Kagaku Yakin CO., LTD.


NTN has established “Green Power Park” an energy circulation model of natural energy.


NTN Establishes “NTN Next Generation Research Alliance Laboratories” at Osaka University.


Integration of the Domestic Aftermarket Business and Name Change of NTN Bearing Service Corporation.

NTN Concludes License Contract with FSAT Corp.(China) regarding In-Wheel Motor System.