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1918 Began research and manufacture of ball bearings at Nishizono Ironworks. (Uchibori, Kuwana-cho, Kuwana-gun, Mie Pref.)
1923 Nishizono Ironworks and Tomoe Trading Co. (Nishi-ku, Osaka) began joint manufacture and sale of bearings under the brand name NTN.
1927 NTN Mfg. Co., Ltd. established with capital of 50,000 yen.
1934 Reorganized into a stock company with capital of 3,000,000 yen.
1937 Named the Toyo Bearing Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Increased capital to 10,000,000 yen. Company stock traded publicly.
1938 Established Showa Bearing Mfg. Co., Ltd.(the present Takarazuka Works) in Muko-gun, Hyogo Pref. (Later, merged and company name changed to Mukogawa Works in 1939) (Later, company name changed to Takarazuka Works in 1962)
1939 Constructed Kuwana Plant.(the present Kuwana Works)
1943 Commenced production of steel balls at Kuwana Plant.
1954 Awarded the Deming Prize for statistical quality control for the first time in the Japanese machinery industry.
1960 Established Toyo Bearing Iwata Co., Ltd.(the present Iwata Works) and began mass production of ball bearings.(merged with NTN Corporation in 1983).
Merged with Nishibayashi Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. (Later company name changed to NTN Hirano Ironworks, closed in 2001)
1961 Acquired Kongo Bearing Co., Ltd. (the present NTN Kongo Corp.).
Established NTN Wälzlager (Europa) G.m.b.H in West Germany.
1962 Constructed needle bearing plant at Toyo Bearing Iwata Co., Ltd.
Established Toyo Bearing Machine Tool Laboratory Co., Ltd. (the present Production Engineering R&D Center).
1963 Established NTN Bearing Corp. of America.
Entered into a technical tie-up with Hardy Spicer Co., Ltd. in the U.K. and began production of constant velocity joints
1964 Established NTN SIDAG S.A. in France. (the present NTN France S. A.) in a Joint venture with INA-SIDAG. (Became a consolidated subsidiary to NTN Corporation in 1973)
Established NTN Bearing-Birfied Ltd. (the present NTN Bearings (UK) Ltd.) in a joint venture with Birfeld. (Became a consolidated subsidiary to NTN Corporation in 1988)
1965 Entered a business tie-up with Dixon Corp. of the U.S.A. and established Toyo Bearing Rulon Co., Ltd. (the present NTN Engineer Plastic Corp.) through merger (Renamed as NTN Engineer Plastic Corp. and became a consolidated subsidiary to NTN Corporation in 1991).
1966 Established Toyo Bearing Powder Metal Co., Ltd.(the present NTN Advanced Materials Corporation.)
1968 Established NTN Bearing Corp. of Canada Ltd.