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Automotive Business

NTN vehicle products support the improvement of environmental performance, safety, and comfort, under the aegis of “compact and ecology,” and contribute to car life that is friendly to both people and the environment. With our family of products making possible more compact vehicles lighter in weight, with a longer life and lower friction, as well as electrified vehicles, we are meeting the needs of vehicle manufacturers.

Photo:Automotive Business

Hub Joint with Incorporated Advanced Sensor Technology

Photo:Hub Joint with Incorporated Advanced Sensor Technology

NTN has developed an advanced modular product that allows for lighter weight vehicles and reduces backlash in the fittings by adopting NTN's unique “press connect method,”*1 which combines the world’s leading hub bearing, which is embedded with a highly functional sensor, and a velocity joint with the second highest global market share.

*1: press connect method:
The spline teeth (pre-spline) that are smaller than the spline teeth formed on the outer circumference of the outer ring stem of the CVJ have now been formed inside bore surface of the hub bearing and fastened with a bolt. This new fitting technology allows the CVJ spline teeth to be press fitted on to the hub bearing inside bore surface spline teeth while it is being assembled.

  1. Integration of hub bearing and CVJ using the proprietary press connect joint
    (1) High fuel efficiency: 12% reduction in weight compared with conventional products, better torque transmission ratio
    (2) Comfort: lower unsprung weight
  2. Two highly-functional sensors integrated in the hub bearing
    (1) Safety: safe drivability with high-precision rotation and load sensor, capable of preventing and avoiding collision
    (2) High fuel efficiency: high-response sensing to reduce engine power loss
Composition of Hub Joint with Incorporated Advanced Sensor Technology

Diagram:Composition of hub joint with incorporated advanced sensor technology

Applicable Parts

Diagram:Applicable Parts

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