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Technical Review

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No.82 Special Issue : Composite Material, Technology and Products for Industrial Machines

All Pages (PDF: 10MB)
Cover (PDF: 169KB)
News (PDF: 195KB)
Contents (PDF: 63KB)
[Preface] (PDF: 61KB)
[Contribution] Advanced Powders Processing - Recent Powder Metallurgy Techniques and It's Trend - (PDF: 757KB)
[Technical Article] Product Introduction and Complex Technology of Resin,Sintered Metal and Magnet for Growth Markets (PDF: 813KB)
[Technical Article] The Improvement in Strength of Sintered Machine Parts (PDF: 346KB)
[New Product] High Performance Magnetic Core for Induction Hardening Devices (PDF: 284KB)
[New Product] The Copper-Iron-based Material Equivalent to Bronze-based Material for Sintered, Oil-impregnated Bearings (PDF: 369KB)
[New Product] High Load Sliding Bearing Unit For Use in Copier and Printer Fusers (PDF: 438KB)
[New Product] Machine Tool Main Spindle Bearings with Air Cooling Spacer (PDF: 805KB)
[New Product] New Engineering Plastic Cage of High Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Machine Tools (PDF: 481KB)
[Technical Article] Bearing Technical Calculation System for Machine Tool Spindles (PDF: 772KB)
[Technical Paper] Estimation Method for Friction Torque of Air-oil Lubricated Angular Contact Ball Bearings (PDF: 351KB)
[Technical Paper] Real-time Monitoring of the Superfinishing Process (PDF: 778KB)
[New Product] Lightweight Bearing for Robot (PDF: 700KB)
[Technical Article] Development of Condition Monitoring System (PDF: 388KB)
[New Product] Introduction of "ULTAGE" series : High Functionality Roller Bearings (PDF: 458KB)
[Technical Article] Technical Trend of Aircraft Bearings (PDF: 359KB)
[Technical Paper] The Influence of the Humidity and Quantity of Hydrogen into Steel under the Abrasive Wear (PDF: 375KB)
[Technical Paper] Evaluation of Shear Fatigue Properties of Medium Carbon Steels and Rolling Bearing Steels up to Giga-cycle Test Regimes (PDF: 304KB)
[Award Winning Product] (PDF: 411KB)
[Our Line of New Products] (PDF: 492KB)

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