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Green Energy Products

Compact wind turbines and hydro turbines using high-efficiency blade technology contributing to development of a low carbon society.

NTN's compact wind turbines and micro turbines are eco-friendly products that utilize proprietary blade technology to achieve exceptional energy and power generation efficiency. NTN's compact, high-efficiency green energy products promote the use of renewable energy sources and contribute to development of a low carbon society.

Features of NTN's compact wind turbines and hydro turbines

High efficiency

To generate large amounts of lift, the blade cross-section is different in thickness to ordinary blades which increases torque. This prevents the blades from slowing down even if they are subjected to loads, which means more efficient power generation.

Proprietary blade shape

Blade tips use a proprietary shape called winglets that point inward at a fixed ratio to prevent wind or water from escaping, thus generating large amounts of energy.

Quiet operation

The winglets prevent agitation and vortex turbulence at the blade tips, meaning almost no wind noise at all.

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Product Lineup

  • NTN Hybrid Street Light Wind and sun...green energy for eco-friendly light Further details available here.
  • NTN Micro Hydro Turbine A new proposal for hydro power generators that utilize irrigation channels Further details available here.
  • NTN Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Proprietary blades for maximum energy from the wind Further details available here.

Green Energy Circulation Model Proposed by NTN

Green Power Park NTN's proposal of a model low carbon society that can be achieved even with small-scale communities