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Electric Vehicle (EV)

In-wheel Motor System

Photo:  : In-wheel Motor System

A compact lightweight in-wheel motor unit containing a cycloid speed reduction mechanism, hub bearing, motor, and various sensors. A control system (including inverter) linked to sensor information provides stable driving with safety as the first priority.

In-Wheel Motor System for Electric Commuters

Photo:  : In-Wheel Motor System for Electric Commuters

Compact in-wheel motor using a slim type motor, reduction gear, and hub bearing. Module fitted in the wheel allows more flexibility in design and effective use in electric commuters and inside cars for client.

Electromechinal Brake System

Photo:  : Electromechinal Brake System

The lightweight and compact “Electromechanical Brake System with Parking Brake” improved usability by integrating a parking brake function with an electric brake actuator utilizing a planetary roller screw type. Achieved a parking brake mechanism with a structure, where the lock pin of a solenoid fixed to the housing slides in/out of the lock pin hole established on the side of the internal gear.