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NTN Report

The conventional Annual Report and CSR Report have been integrated into "NTN Report" from Fiscal Year 2009, Ended March 31, 2010.


Full Page (PDF: 13,263KB)
All about NTN
All about NTN (PDF: 2,564KB)
Contents (PDF: 331KB)
NTN's Line of Business (PDF: 883KB)
NTN's Global Presence (PDF: 325KB)
NTN's Value Creation Process (PDF: 413KB)
New Businesses for Supporting NTN's Growth for the Next 100 Years (PDF: 398KB)
Financial/Non-financial Highlights (PDF: 603KB)
Management Strategy Section
Management Strategy Section (PDF: 4,929KB)
To Our Stakeholders (PDF: 193KB)
The View of Top Management on the Progress of Our “NTN 100” (PDF: 879KB)
At a Glance (PDF: 370KB)
Review of Operations (PDF: 2,895KB)
Feature: Our Technologies (PDF: 436KB)
Activity Section—Strengthening Governance
Activity Section—Strengthening Governance (PDF: 1,888KB)
Strengthening Governance (PDF: 961KB)
Officers (PDF: 285KB)
Activity Section—Contributing to Society
Activity Section—Contributing to Society (PDF: 2,229KB)
CSR Management (PDF: 230KB)
Stakeholder Dialog (PDF: 559KB)
Customers (PDF: 214KB)
Business Partners (PDF: 79KB)
Shareholders and Investors (PDF: 148KB)
Employees (PDF: 1,105KB)
Local Communities (PDF: 276KB)
Activity Section—Environmental Activities
Activity Section—Environmental Activities (PDF: 1,117KB)
Medium- and Long-term CO2 Emissions Targets in Japan (PDF: 254KB)
Environmental Performances for FY2015 and Environmental Targets for FY2016 (PDF: 246KB)
Prevention of Global Warming (PDF: 316KB)
Protecting Biodiversity (PDF: 183KB)
Protection of Resources (PDF: 253KB)
Management and Reduction of Environmentally
Hazardous Substances
(PDF: 134KB)
Environmental Management (PDF: 169KB)
Third-Party Opinion (PDF: 52KB)
Financial Section (PDF: 497KB)
Investor Information (PDF: 187KB)

Photo: FY2016

Photo: FY2015

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Photo: FY2014

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Photo: FY2013

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Photo: FY2012

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Photo: FY2011

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Photo: FY2010

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Photo: FY2009

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Photo: FY2008

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Photo: FY2007

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Photo: FY2006

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Photo: FY2005

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